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Why Seoulista Instant Facials®?

Our biocellulose technology has many benefits that help deliver superior results. Here are our top ten reasons why Seoulista Beauty® Instant Facials are the brand to beat:

  • Your skin will love it

    Our Instant Facials™ mirror the cellulose in the skin’s epidermis, so they have a high affinity with the skin.

  • It won't break

    The strong, web-like 3D structure in the bio-cellulose sheet forms a strong sheet that won’t break or tear on application or removal.

  • More moisture

    Studies show that our Instant Facials™ leave your skin 5x more hydrated than classic paper masks 4hrs after application.

  • It's fast

    Our Instant Facials™ retain the highest concentration of moisture, infusing into the skin 10x faster through the biocellulose sheet.

  • Better protection

    Our Instant Facials™ are proven to reduce the oxidative damage caused by sun exposure, pollution and external factors.

  • It delivers

    Our Instant Facials™ are 10x more effective than other biocellulose masks, delivering effective ingredients deep into the dermis.

  • It fits

    Our Instant Facials™ are 300x finer than vegetable cellulose sheet masks. This enables maximum ingredients infusion.

  • Safe for your skin

    The stringently hygienic fermentation techniques of our biocellulose sheet masks offer the highest levels of safety for the skin.

  • More bang for your buck

    Our Instant Facials™ contain antioxidants, vitamins, probiotics and essential fatty acids.

  • The science bit

    During fermentation, the beneficial ingredients in our Instant Facials™ are broken down, making them more easily absorbed.

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Cryo-Technology in our Instant Facial™

  • Biocellulose helps reduce the skin's temperature by 6°C for a naturally cooling, reviving feeling on application

  • Our Seoulista Instant Facials® have an 8.7 to 15.5 times greater ingredient penetration due to their cooling effect

  • 32% slower evaporation rate, the active ingredients are continually infused into the skin for 20 minutes without interruption from air drying

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