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Seoulista Beauty

Seoulista Beauty® Let It Glow! Cleanse & Prep Party Skin Kit

Seoulista Beauty® Let It Glow! Cleanse & Prep Party Skin Kit

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Achieve flawless, long-lasting makeup with our high-performance glow inducing duo designed to cleanse, refine, and prime your skin to perfection. This kit includes two Seoulista Rosy Glow Primer® tubes and a Seoulista Magic Cleanse® tool, ensuring your complexion is prepped and primed for a flawless finish.

This kit contains:

Seoulista Rosy Glow Primer® is a powerhouse primer that smooths, hydrates, and minimises pores for photo-ready skin. It simultaneously brightens and hydrates your complexion, creating the perfect canvas for makeup application. In just five minutes, this primer plumps and hydrates your skin, minimising pores and providing a flawless airbrush effect. Use it to prep your skin for makeup or for a fresh, natural radiance on makeup-free days.

The Seoulista Magic Cleanse® is a sustainable, dual-sided cleansing tool that removes dirt, oil, and makeup with just water. Its textured side gently exfoliates, while the fluffy side lifts impurities from deep within pores, leaving your skin spotlessly clean and radiant.

Whether you're a bare-skinned beauty or a makeup enthusiast, this duo ensures your skin is cleansed, refined, and primed for flawless makeup application. Enjoy a radiant, peachy glow and maintain perfect, long-lasting makeup all night long with our high-performance skincare essentials.

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