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Here at Seoulista Beauty® we are at our happiest when we’re supporting our community. This year, we joined one thousand women as part of the Stylist Strong Women Trek, as they took on two 13-mile treks across rivers, lakes, and woodlands in Epping Forest and Surrey Hills.

Organised by the Stylist Strong Women Community – your one-stop-shop for all things health, fitness, and lifestyle – the goal was to embrace the outdoor lifestyles that so many of us turned to over lockdown, for an afternoon of mental relaxation as well as physical endurance, all in aid of the incredible charity Care International, one of the world’s leading global aid organisations.

Of course, we couldn’t let these strong women reach the finishing line without a post-workout pamper waiting for them!

These boots are made for soothing

Trekking 13 miles can carry a heavy burden on your feet – just think about the terrains your feet carry you through, from pebbles, rocks, hard mud and grassy banks, to steep, “Please don’t let me fall!” inclines. Feet end up hot, sweaty and sore, and the first thing you want to do is get them shoes off.


We made sure the trekker’s goody bags were all filled with NEW Seoulista Peppermint Toes® healthy foot treatment, the perfect post-workout treat to heal, soothe, and revive active feet. With cooling, anti-bacterial powers and a minty-freshness that sticks around, our tired trekker’s toes were left nourished and ready for their next adventure!

Berry Protected Skin

Our next concern? Protecting the skin on your face from exposure to environmental conditions. Ranging from sun, clouds, wind, and rain, all outdoor conditions can find a way to aggravate the skin – from dirt and dust clogging up your pores to chemical pollutants or sun exposure drying up your skin. On the day of the Strong Women Trek, it was sunny and windy – the perfect day for a hike, not so much for your skin.



Enter: Seoulista Wonderberry Skin Defence Instant Facial® to save the day by saving the trekker’s faces from any and all aggressors their skin might have faced. The potent formula is filled with protectant antioxidants that work to shield the skin and helps to rebuild the skin barrier and limit moisture loss – great as a one-off cooling and hydrating treat after the 13-mile hike, even better as a weekly treatment ritual for a healthy, protected, glowing complexion for every hiking-enthusiast!


From trek to hike to run to swim – and every sport in-between – you can face it knowing your post-workout partners are waiting for you, simply pop on your Instant Facial™, and put your Peppermint Toes™-covered feet up.

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