Why the Rosy Glow Primer is the best makeup primer for your makeup bag


From a glowing complexion to photo-ready skin in just 5 minutes- the beauty world have gone crazy for our Rosy Glow Primer and here’s why…


With huge adoration received from the beauty obsessed around the globe and a LFW debut in February 2020, its fair to say that the Rosy Glow Primer is double-award worthy for being the best makeup primer.


Why Rosy Glow Primer™ is the Best Makeup Primer?

Receiving the Global Makeup Award for ‘best skin primer’, followed in the same week by a Pure Beauty Global award for ‘best new make-up base’, we can confirm that the Rosy Glow Primer is a firm favourite.


Created and tested by dermatologists, this powerful priming mask helps to hydrate and plump, improve tone and texture and minimise pores for an airbrush effect, offering the perfect canvas for the application of make-up or that extra boost of confidence on make-up free days.  


Naturally flawless…


The super charged formula is the best makeup primer as it is blended with more than 12 active ingredients including:


    • Bulgarian Rose Oil and Niacinamide to smooth the skin
    • AHAs to brighten the skin tone
    • Hyaluronic Acid for skin-quenching hydration
    • Eucalyptus to calm inflammation and redness in the complexion


Photo Ready Skin in just 5 minutes…


Opt for an ultra-glowing complexion to give you perfect photo-ready skin, all within 5 minutes and from the comfort of your own home.

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