When it comes to our hair, how it looks can impact how we feel on any given day. Hair-fidence (hair confidence) is important in shaping how we feel when we step out into the world, and forms part of our daily identity. We straighten, dye, cut, curl, shape our hair and sometimes don't even realise just how much a bad hair day can pull us down.

Below we delve a little deeper into why hair holds an important role in your daily confidence.


  1. Empowerment

Got an important work presentation coming up? Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? There are many uncontrollable things in life and so the fact that you can control your hair can be very empowering. You get to decide how you come across to other people – want to look professional? Hair goes up in a tidy bun. Feeling fun and flirty? Hair cascades around your shoulders. The choices are endless, and the choice is yours. Now that’s empowering.


  1. Personal Expression

Some say the hair is the window to the soul. Well, maybe that’s not how the saying goes – but it still fits! Your hair is an accessory that allows you to express your personality. From ruby reds to bleached blondes to perfect purples – everything from the colour to the length is an expression of who you are, and being able to express that can have a huge positive impact on your confidence.


  1. Bad Hair Days

Our self-esteem and how our hair looks on any given day has a bigger impact than many of us realise. Your hair is a key aspect of your appearance, and it’s only human to feel self-conscious when you don’t appear in the tip-top shape you usually do. You might feel embarrassed, less sociable, or even less capable. So, while “good hair days” and “bad hair days” sound superficial, they can actually mean the difference between a good day or a bad day in general.


To help you prepare for those bad hair days (we all have them!) or offset them completely, we recommend using a weekly hair and scalp treatment to nourish and care for the hair from root to tip (*ahem* shop our skincare-inspired haircare range here)


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