Feeling stressed but not sure how to make it better? We’re here to help you learn small ways that can boost your mental wellbeing in your day-to-day life.

While the external world appears to have returned to a degree of normalcy, that doesn’t mean that life is suddenly perfect alongside it. There’s the excitement at the prospect of doing fun things with your friends again, accompanied by nervousness about going back out into the world, and even feeling overwhelmed as the pace of life gets busier and busier. 

So, if you’re not feeling great or are having a less-than-good week, we’re right there with you, and want to share some ways to help you get through it.


Step 1: Take time for yourself

Whether you have one minute or one hour to yourself, find something you love, something that calms you, and carve out a moment to reset. Even if it’s something small, do it mindfully and tell yourself “I deserve this” – because you do! You’ll find that these small acts of self-love can make even a not-so-good day, better.

Blonde woman sitting on an armchair, contentedly drinking a cup of tea in front bright bay windows 

Step 2: Spend time with family and friends

If you can, put the phones away, completely switch off, and spend quality face-to-face time with the people you care about. Ask them about their day, tell them about what’s been going on at work, and (trust us!) you’ll feel the stress and tension in your body ease.

 Man, woman, and child sitting on the grass in front of a patch of pine trees laughing & smiling at eachother

Step 3: Keep Moving

Whether you prefer the breathlessness of a 5K run or a relaxing slower-paced saunter, exercise in all its forms is proven to reduce feelings of anxiety, negativity, and withdrawal – so find the one that works for you and keep moving a little bit everyday!

woman in running gear fixing the phone-band on her arm

Step 4: Pamper yourself

You’d be surprised the level of pleasure you can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally by taking a pause for relaxation. Whether you’ve got a spare 20 minutes for an Instant Facial™, 30 minutes for an Instant Pedicure™ or want a moment of zen on-the-go – treating yourself to these little luxuries is the least you deserve.

Woman lying on her stomach in a towel on the bed, looking content and relaxed

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