HOLIDAY HEAVEN – What to pack for our top four fashion-forward destinations

Whether you’re hopping over the pond for a glamorous Euro-weekend away or jet-setting further afield to a more exotic destination, a well-planned wardrobe can make the difference between feeling like a local fashionista – or a fish out of water. Below, we’ve listed our favourite fashion destinations of the moment and give you tips on what to put in your suitcase. But remember to leave some room if you decide to shop up a storm at our recommended retail hotspots.

Milan, Italy

The undisputed fashion capital of the world, Milan is synonymous with all things luxury and the heritage of its fashion houses: Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, Fendi, Missoni, Moschino, Prada, and Versace, (phew, have we left anyone off?). Men are slick and sharp in tailormade suits while women have that impossibly pulled-together look of perfection at all times.

To prevent sticking out like a poor bum, we suggest packing the most fashionable ensembles in your wardrobe. Pack complete outfits that work together, rather than individual items. But remember, what’s fashionable in Milan is a lot more sophisticated, slick and well-cut (with a touch of outrageous opulence here and there) than the ‘create-your-own-look’ trend in London, so we suggest keeping your colour palate neutral and your style simple. Add classic jewellery and minimalist makeup complete the look.

In Milan, fashion is so intertwined in everyday life that even the bars and restaurants are decorated or owned by fashion designers. Sip coffee while outfit envying in Café Marc Jacobs; check out the OTT glitz (chandeliers) and glamour (leopard print menus and zebra striped plates) of the Just Cavalli Café; show off your own ensemble in Bar Luce by Prada; or sip cocktails in the sexy, diffused light of Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar.

When its time to shop, head to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the Piazza del Duomo, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls impressively housed in a breath-taking, four-story arcade. It’s a tourist destination as impressive as the Duomo (cathedral) itself, before you’ve even started browsing the luxury labels. And, if you’re planning on visiting the cathedral, make sure that your shoulders are covered and your skirt falls to your knee (and definitely no shorts) or you’ll be bounced by the rather stern wardrobe officials at the door.

For unmatchable prices on previous year’s collections, Il Salvagente is the place to grab a bargain. But you can shop pretty much anywhere in the city from the swanky Brera area to the hip and happening Navigli district. Simply wander the streets, take in the sites while you shop, and see what you discover.

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Theresa Schweppe, globetrotting entrepreneur and Seoulista brand ambassador

San Sebastian, Spain

Home of everyone’s favourite fashion store Zara, Spain is hard to beat when it comes to fashion-forward, yet affordable women’s clothing. And the country’s Basque region in the north combines the best of all worlds: rich history, art and culture, scenic coastlines, and mouthwatering pintxos washed down with an inexpensive rosé. Who could ask for more?

With its affluent inhabitants, moderate temperatures and super-chic city centre, San Sebastian’s style is more cool and classic than beachy and bohemian. Think palazzo pants, espadrilles, natural-fabric blouses, and wide-brimmed sun hats to blend in with the well-heeled locals. Don’t forget to pack your beachwear if you’re heading there in the summer months, but keep your wardrobe chic and cool. Or, if we can give you any advice, take as little as possible as you’ll be tempted by the eye-catching woman’s fashion on every street corner.

Located in the centre of the city, La Bretxa shopping centre welcomes a whopping seven million visitors a year. Browse almost 13,000m2 of retail space featuring fashion, cosmetics, and outdoor market where fresh produce grace the plates of its irresistibly tempting restaurants. Local designers have a passion for the printed, so head to Cállate la Boca for brightly coloured t-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with images of fried eggs, robots, washing machines, wasps and chicks.

At night, stroll around the Old Town and shop at upmarket boutiques which stock anything from Nina Ricci silk dresses to that must have pair of Manolo Blahniks. If you travel during the San Sebastian International Film Festival (between Friday 22 to Saturday 30 September, this year) you may be able to catch a glimpse of stars like Penelope Cruz and Jessica Chastain among the city’s inner-circle society.

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Theresa Schweppe, globetrotting entrepreneur and Seoulista brand ambassador

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea – and its capital Seoul, in particular – is where Seoulista Beauty draws its inspiration and its name. With its innovative beauty products that lead worldwide trends from BB creams to facial masks, Seoul is widely known as the beauty capital of the world. Here, local women are beauty obsessed and spend hours perfecting their skin with their 12-step skincare regimes. To make sure your complexion makes the grade, and to fix long-haul, stressed-out skins, we recommend packing a few of our travel-friendly Instant Facials from Correct & Calm to Super Hydration.

South Korea might lie in the shadow of its better-known brothers, China and Japan, but that hasn’t stopped Seoul from developing a thriving fashion scene. From Juun.J to Wooyoungmi, Seoul is producing some first-class fashion exports. These forward-thinking designers take current Western fashion trends and twist them into something completely unique (and dare we say, far more hip?).

While fashion is cutting-edge, and women love to dress up and wear heels, don’t forget that Seoul is also a conservative city, so don’t bare too much flesh – even when temperatures soar. We suggest wearing light-weigh clothing in natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen to beat the heat while still looking stylish. In restaurants with floor-style seating, you’ll need to remove your shoes, so pack a pair of stylish slip ons that are comfortable to walk around the city and take in the sights but are not cringe-worthy when left among some steep shoe competition.

The Myeongdong area is the home of retail therapy in South Korea. We suggest avoiding all the high-street retail stores that you can find back home (Zara, H&M, Uniqlo) and rather focus on the avant-garde Korean brands instead. Head to the famous Lotte Department store filled with floors of duty-free and hands-free shopping. Simply make your purchase and collect it at the airport. Our top travel tip is that many shops in the Myeongdong area offer discounts to tourists, so we suggest that you take your passport or e-ticket along on your shopping expedition. Oh, and, happy shopping!

“Start living your destination time zone from the moment you step on the plane, it helps with jet lag.”

Theresa Schweppe, globetrotting entrepreneur and Seoulista brand ambassador

Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

You’ve heard the stories… you know the hype… and you can’t wait to experience the legendary White Isle yourself. From upmarket beach bars to hedonistic super-clubs, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime – if you go prepared.

Originally a hippie enclave in the 1960s, Ibiza still sports that effortless, boho-chic style made universal by British-born beauties Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Last year, the renowned party island hosted its very first fashion week, showcasing the best of bohemian and ethical fashion from local and international designers alike. The success of this event placed the island firmly on the global fashion map and formed the blueprint for future shows to come.

If you head to one of the island’s chic beach bars during the day, we suggest wearing a bikini with something cool and floaty over it to recreate the effortless style and to keep the sun off you. We recommend Elements in the north, Amante in the east, Cotton Club in the west and the legendary Blue Marlin in the south. These more upmarket beach bars take beachwear up a notch. Think embroidered kaftans, sequinned beachwear, jewelled sandals or something a little more glam than just shorts and a t-shirt.

If you plan to dance the night away to your favourite DJ’s, you have to be able to go the distance, as most headline acts start circa 3am. Forget wearing your six-inch stilletos unless you’re only planning the likes of uber-chic restaurant/bars Lio and Cipriani for drinks. We recommend packing your most comfortable pair of wedges or ankle boots – it’s this simple wardrobe choice that will make or break your night out. With tropical temperatures and scantily clad dancers, you can dare to bare a lot more in this hedonistic playground than you would back home. Beaded skirts, crop tops, sequinned mini dresses, and satin playsuits won’t look out of place.

But your wardrobe is not the only thing to consider before jetting off to holiday heaven. We recommend stocking up on electrolytes, vitamin pills, liver pills, foot detox pads and any other tonics before you go, because there’s some mischief to be had. Consider a herbal sleep remedy like valerian root (available over the counter in most pharmacies), an eye mask and ear plugs. Your sleep patterns are likely to be limited and irregular, so you’ll need all the help you can get… And there’s nothing like a bit of shut-eye to emerge from your bedroom cocoon like a butterfly, rested and revived.

The Island has spawned some aspirational fashion brands such as Beatrice San Francisco, which started off in Las Dalias market (known as the hippie market and also worth a visit). Over time, it evolved into one of the most famous brands on the island. Situated on the Santa Eulalia road, Reina & Roses pink flags flutter enticingly, inviting you to walk into its shady interior and discover Bavarian-born designer Brigitte Fussy’s collections, which epitomise that effortless Ibizan style. Or stroll around the charming streets of Ibiza Town and visit the boutiques that stay open late into the night to see what you can discover.


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